Winter Solstice 2010


Our friend Kat asked to share this ritual they did for the Winter Solstice 2010. Take a look. You can ask question in the comments section below.

Winter Solstice 2010

Light center candle
Baptism: “You are a daughter of the universe. You are perfect just the way your are.” (Make a circle  with water using a finger on each woman’s forehead.)

(Sing) We are alive as the Earth is alive. We have the power to recreate freedom. If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the Sun/Moon WE shall rise. If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the Moon/Sun ALL shall rise.

(Reader) We honor the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, with these beautiful women and to set our intentions for the new year. Now the days will  become longer and the nights shorter as the fullness of the Sun returns in its cycle. This coming out of the darkness is a time to honor our sacred relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Winter Solstice is a festival of renewal that humans have celebrated for millennia in these ways and more.

Read around the circle:

* The ancient Egyptians honored the virgin birth of Horus by Isis at the Solstice.

* The Inca held ceremony to honor the return of the Sun god.

* Followers of Zoroastor read poetry to honor the rebirth of the Sun.

* The Greeks celebrated the rebirth of Dionysis, god of  pleasure with wine and feasting.

* The Romans celebrated the birth of Apollo, god of music and prophecy.

* Druids believed the light of the Sun on Solstice would aid the return of the ancestors.

*Buddhist believe Buddha achieved enlightenment at this time.

* Jews celebrate the Festival of Lights.

* Christians honor the birth of their savior at Solstice.

* Muslims considers Solstice a time of contemplation.

* The Celtic people lit fires and held sacred circle ceremonies.

(Reader) TURNING THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Blessings enter our circle as we honor the four directions. (Those sitting in these directions say/do this.)

* I call in the power of the East, the element of Air, which represents the mind, reason, wisdom, purpose, and the gifts of knowledge. (Light east candle)

* I call in the power of the South, the element of Fire, which represents craft, career, and the power of our will, passion, and rewarding work. (Light south candle)

* I call in the power of the West, the element of Water, which  represents emotions and passion, the power of anger, and the love relationships of many kinds that enrich our lives. (Light west candle)

* I call in the power of the North, which represents the element of Earth, minerals, plants, animals, our bodies, sexuality, and physical health. (Light north candle)

**(together) The circle is cast. We stand in beauty before the Great Mother Goddess of Life, in balance and harmony. May She show us how to find joy in darkness and in endings, as well as in light and beginnings. May She show us how to use our power in loving ways.

Women Introduce themselves by Motherline. Starting in the East, women light their candles and say their names, mother’s names, and grandmother’s names as far back as they know them. (Example: I am Kathleen, daughter of Mary, daughter of Ella, daughter of Elizabeth.)

What dark is this? What fears have been griping our hearts as the days grow longer and the nights deeper?  What fears can we leave behind in the sacred Winter Solstice fire tonight?

Pass out paper and pens while singing.

We can rise to the fire of freedom.
Truth is the fire that will burn our chains.
And we can stop the fire of distruction.
Healing is the fire that will burn our chains.
Healing is the fire that will burn our chains

(Women write on (flash) paper what (fear) they are burning in the flame of the Sacred Solstice. They speak what they are releasing or remain silent as they burn the paper.)

Sing: She changes everything She touches; everything She touches changes. She is  the weaver,  we are the web; She is the flow and we are the ebb.

**(together)  We have banished our fears and we now step out of the darkness and  into the sacred growing light. We feel our freedom!

(Read around the circle).

*As the Sun returns, I have the courage that is required to face whatever comes.

*As the Sun returns, I gain strength, love for myself, and trust in others.

*As the Sun returns, I find work that puts my talents to good use.

*As the Sun returns, I improve my health and peace of mind.

*As the Sun returns, I claim my spiritual power and feel the warmth of the light and love of the universe.

*As the Sun returns, I help others to grow in their own power and dignity.

*As the Sun returns, I co-create my life the way I want it to be.

*As the Sun returns, may there be enough for all of the creatures and children of the Earth.

*As the sun returns, may my circle of family and friends grow in trust and love.

*As the sun returns, may all find peace, mindfulness and love.

(WOMEN SHARE: poems, altar items, gifts) Examples: “I bring Holly that symbolizes the co-existence of human and plants, spirit, and life.” “I bring a guided meditation.”

MAGIC IS ALIVE adapted from Leonard Cohen (Read around the circle)

*Magic never left
Goddess never hid
Magic always rules
Goddess never fled

*Many rich men lied
many struck ones bled
Magic never died
Goddess always led.

*Some locked their coffers
Some did not have beds
Magic loves the hungry
Goddess sees them fed

*Dreamer in her cell
Longs to stay alive
Goddess is nearby
Magic still survives

*Laws carved in marble
could not shelter them
Fat men spill the oil
Magic works to mend

*Goddess is afoot
We cannot be harmed
Magic is with you
In your empty palm

*Service is Magic
throughout the world
We do Goddess’ work
Magic is fulfilled

The women state what it is that they intend to bring into their lives in the next year. *(“I choose to bring into my life this next year….”)

**(Together) CLOSING
The Sun’s light will grow from this night on. We are a circle of light. Let this light grow to fill us, heal us and the people around us. Let this light grow to help all people heal themselves and our beautiful planet Earth.

(Reader) Thank you Powers of the Four Directions for joining our circle. We take in your wisdom and healing. Together may we increase the Light of Love on Earth!

SONG We are alive as the Earth is alive. We have the power to recreate freedom. If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the Sun/Moon WE shall rise. If we have courage, we shall be healers; like the Sun/Moon ALL shall rise.

(Together) BLESSED BE!

Blow out candles.  Feast!

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