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SBNR People
This website is a rest stop on the journey of life. Here you can find inspiration, conversation and useful information about many types of spiritual ideas and practices. Since this is your first visit, here are a few things you might like to know about SBNR.org and the SBNR Community.

SBNR.org serves the SBNR community.

SBNR.org hosts this site and the SBNR.org Facebook page with the intention to serve the SBNR community and all people who are exploring a spiritual journey outside of a single organized religion. Please understand SBNR.org does not speak for the SBNR community nor does it promote a specific spiritual philosophy or theology. We are here to serve and share.

There is no single SBNR theology or philosophy

The SBNR community is very diverse. There is no single SBNR belief system. Some SBNR people rigorously study all religions and spiritual paths while others simply live in the moment. There are SBNR people that align themselves with a single teacher, ancient or modern, while others believe no one teacher has all the answers. Even words like Spirit, Divine, God and Transcendent have no single meaning in the SBNR community. There are as many SBNR beliefs systems as there are SBNR people.

Look around, join the conversations, and share your thoughts. Politely please.

As this site grows so will the diversity of posts on spiritual beliefs and practices. You may find some posts meaningful and others not. One post may inspire you while another may irritate you. You are invited to share your perspective and even engage in rigorous debate. When you do, please consider using “I” statements. Sentences that start with “I believe” or “I think” or even “It is my understanding” are more graceful than universal statements of truth or preaching. Please share your opinions and conviction as you might at a dinner party, with good manners and a measured demeanor.

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Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the site.

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