Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yoga for Beginners: Choosing the Right Class, Summer Solstice – Bring on Creative Alternatives, 5 Myths Many Atheists Believe about Religion…

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Grounded in a successful Wall Street career that was more interested in food as good business than good-for-you, this mother of four was shaken awake by the dangerous allergic reaction of one of her children to a “typical” breakfast. Her mission to unearth the cause revealed more about the food industry than she could stomach, and impelled her to share her findings with others. Informative and inspiring.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Hillary Easom:
Yoga for Beginners: Choosing the Right Class–Relaxation and Spirituality

“While many beginners are drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, along the road most of us begin to recognize that there is much more to yoga than merely exercise. The mind-body connection is core to a yoga practice. The Sanskrit word “yoga” actually translates as “union,” which can be interpreted many ways, including a union of the mind and body.”

2. Grove Harris: Summer Solstice — Bring on Creative Alternatives
“From here on out, the days become shorter, and the most intense growing spurt of the year is behind us. Even though the heat will continue to increase in July and August, the year is beginning its passage into the waning light. This year, there is more uncertainty in the air.”

3. Be Scofield: 5 Myths Many Atheists Believe about Religion
“Despite their emphasis on reason, evidence and a desire to see through false truth claims, many atheists hold surprisingly ill-informed beliefs about religion. Many of these myths go unquestioned simply because they serve the purpose of discrediting religion at large.”


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