Is Your Spiritual Life Aiding Your Love Life?, Women Falling Away from Religion- Survey Finds, God, Barbies and Girlie Girls…

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Another great video from our friends over at Holy Rascals: Joan Borysenko tells us about the death of her mom, and reveals how dying can be a powerful revelation about the meaning of life.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Dr. Ram Giri Braun , Dr. Ben Cohen , Catherine Behan:
Is Your Spiritual Life Aiding Your Love Life?

“There are countless ways to experience spirituality in our diverse world, but it seems all paths share some common wisdom—and influence on relationships. We asked several YourTango Experts to share their opinions and stories on how spirituality can affect our personal growth, love life and other relationships. Here’s what they had to say…”

2. James D. Davis: Women Falling Away from Religion, Survey Finds
“Of the 14 factors in belief and behavior measured through the research, women have changed a lot in 10, the report says. And eight of them represent “negative movement” — away from religious involvement or biblical teachings. “No population group among the sixty segments examined has gone through more spiritual changes in the past two decades than women,” Barna writes.”

3. Terry Mattingly: God, Barbies and Girlie Girls
“It’s a question that can cause tension and tears in a circle of home-school moms in a Bible Belt church fellowship hall. It’s a question that can have the same jarring impact in a circle of feminist mothers in a Manhattan coffee shop. Here it is: Will you buy your daughter a Barbie doll?”


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