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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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Today’s Goodness:

When the leadership from the Simon Wiesentahl Center, along with representatives from the world’s top museums began discussing how to promote tolerance and understanding, they decided a museum should be created not only to remind us of the past, but to remind us to act. The result became The Museum of Tolerance, the first of its kind in the world. It is a symbol of society’s quest to live peacefully together, but also as an important resource on how to achieve that goal.

Check out the Museum of Tolerance.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Louis A. Ruprecht: The End (of Religion) is Near, Scientists Say
“Lost in the debate is the large and growing number of thoughtful people who self-identify as “spiritual, but not religious” (that is, as non-affiliated), an admittedly complex phrase than doesn’t allow for easy analysis either. But, as has been frequently noted on RD, religion is highly dispersed in the modern period; it’s not going away, it’s just going elsewhere.”

2. Lois Lee: Nonreligion and Immortality
“Many people believe in life after death even if they aren’t religious – and such vehicles for immortality take various forms… The nonreligious, like the religious, accept and reject different types of and vehicles for immortality; like religious people, the nonreligious desire and deny the prospect of immortality at the same time.”

3. Deepak Chopra: Rationality and Irrationality in Believers and Atheists
“Religion is irrational, bound up with superstition, emotions, and wishful thinking. Science is rational, dedicated to data, fact-finding, and impartial objectivity. The problem with such a simple picture is that it isn’t true and never was.”

4. MeiMei Fox: The Life Out Loud: Where Spirituality Gets Sloppy
“I have a bone to pick with spiritual gurus: They’re just such goody two-shoes. Where is the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? … We need spiritual role models, of course. I wouldn’t wish a Jim-and-Tammy-Faye-Bakker-esque humiliation, fraught with dripping spider-legs mascara, upon any one of the aforementioned leaders. However, I do find that their standard of virtue can be set too high for the rest of us.”


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