Unified Deism – SBNR Daily 1-26-11


Do Only Religious People Have a ‘Calling’?, Jews are the Happiest, The Courage of Two Pakistani Women…

Unified Deism – SBNR Daily 1-26-11

Today’s Goodness: Do you believe God exists, but also believe we each have to discover our own individual path to God? Do you agree that our spiritual beliefs should evolve as we learn more about ourselves and our universe? Perhaps you are a deist. Unified Deism “seeks to balance reason and spirituality, enabling each of us to chart a steady course away from the rocky shores of dogma and the treacherous currents of fundamentalism.”

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Today’s Teaching:


“So as you pursue the path that you believe to be true, keep your eye on your goal, wave if you see me, share with me what you have seen and done on your journey, and then do
not be surprised when I continue on my own path instead of following yours.”

From: DEIST: So That’s What I Am!
By Chuck Clendenen

Today’s Meditation:


Simple. Inspiration.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Chris Stedman: Do Only Religious People Have a ‘Calling’?
“Today, “calling” has become common currency in the American parlance, its meaning expanded to refer to the realization of an individual’s passion or drive. Though the term has long had religious associations, it is used just as often to refer to secular work as it is religious.”

2. Rabbi Rami: You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Be Happy But It Helps
“Jews are the happiest people in America. At least according to the just released Gallup Healthways Well Being Index… Are Jews happiest because they are the most religious? Not at all. While it is true that among these happy Jews the religious are the most happy, even atheist Jews are happier than atheist non-Jews.”

3. Terry Mattingly: Praying with (or to?) John Paul II
“While scientists debate what did or did not happen, journalists have struggled to clearly describe an event that is rooted in an ancient and modern mystery. Simply stated, what does it mean to say believers can ask saints to pray on their behalf during the trials of daily life or in times of crisis?”

Top Spirituality News:

1. Reuters: Pakistan, Blasphemy, and a Tale of Two Women
“For all the bad news coming out of Pakistan, you can’t help but admire the courage of two very different women who did what their political leaders failed to do — stood up to the religious right after the killing of Punjab governor Salman Taseer over his call for changes to the country’s blasphemy laws.”

2. The Washington Post/AP: Vietnam Accused of Widespread Human Rights Abuses
“Human Rights Watch is calling on the United States to return Vietnam to a list of the world’s worst abusers of religious freedom, accusing it of continuously harassing some groups trying to worship peacefully.”

3. Yahoo News/AP: Southern Baptist Leader Leaves Mosque Coalition
“A leader of the Southern Baptist Convention has withdrawn from a coalition that supports the rights of Muslims to build mosques in their communities.”


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