Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A Spiritual Journey, You Already Know How to Meditate, Drawing Beauty and Decency From Loss…

For those of you in the U.S. we hope you enjoyed your three day weekend remembering those who have served our country. Now onwards toward a wonderful week.

Today’s Meditation:


A Guided Meditation to help tune into the beat of your own inner wisdom.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. J. Meissner: A Spiritual Journey
“After years of bouncing between being a believer, to being agnostic, to being an atheist, I resolved to discover what I could believe in. After reading more than one hundred books about the origins of religions, I came to my own conclusion that religion was man-made. I also decided that if there was a God — that God was the Spirit of Love, period. Neither male nor female, no religious dogma, no religious rituals.”

2. Arnie Kozak:
Meditation Made Simple: Seven Considerations to Get You Going
Part One: You Already Know How to Meditate

“Meditation through the skill of mindfulness is native to all of us. We all have the capacity to become absorbed in the moment and we usually do so when special circumstances are in place – a beautiful sunset, a magical moment, or a crisis for that matter. Practicing meditation makes this native skill available in every moment, even the most ordinary of moments. You don’t have to wait around for gorgeous sunsets; you don’t have to arrange your life to catch things just right.”

3. Krista Tippett: Drawing Beauty and Decency From Loss
“Among her many bracing reformulations of basic truth, Kate Braestrup notes that we only use the word “miracle” when improbable events go our way. But she inhabits a world where improbable things go wrong, go badly, all the time — and so do the rest of us. Her Unitarian Universalist sensibility is reflected in her sense that Christianity has spent too much time focusing on death as a problem to be solved. This is our culture’s instinct, certainly; and yet as it turns, notions like “solution” and “resolution” are meaningless at the “hinges” of our lives.”


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