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What is Spirituality?, In Defense of Anger, Jumping The Broom Production VP Brings Spirituality to Hollywood…

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Today’s Teaching:


“Becoming wise means, for me, forgetting less often – and remembering sooner when I’ve forgotten – the three things that are fundamentally true:
1. Everything is always changing.
2. There is a cause-and-effect lawfulness that governs all unfolding experience.
3. What I do matters, but I am not in charge. Suffering results from struggling with what is beyond my control.”

From: Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life
By Sylvia Boorstein Ph.D.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Janki Santoke: What is Spirituality?
“If goodness is spirituality, then we seem only to have shifted the question. Who are ‘good people’? What is the absolute measure for good? Would it not be easier to say what is better or worse rather than what is good? So how about we say then that spirituality is about getting better. It is the strife to improve oneself. If a man be very good, but does not conceive better, he stagnates spiritually.”

2. Karla McLaren: In Defense of Anger
“For me as an agnostic atheist, the future of the movement is an eventual acceptance of secularism as a moral, ethical, and viable alternative (not necessarily a replacement; I’m a realist) to religion, to faith communities, and to faith-based community service and social justice initiatives. This is a five, ten, or twenty year plan that requires long-range strategizing. Here’s the trouble: the abusive and dehumanizing behaviors that are becoming commonplace in sectors of atheism threaten that plan – or any plan.”

3. Donya Blaze: Jumping The Broom Production VP Brings Spirituality to Hollywood
“His latest film
Jumping The Broom blends romantic comedy with spirituality, a theme Franklin says resonates now more than ever with moviegoers. “I do think that, in general, when you look at what’s going on in the world and where kind of how things are,” he said in our @mediabeat interview, “people are looking to go to the theater and find hope, and to get inspired, and to be encouraged. And I think that when you have faith in a film, and you do it right, it can do that.”


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