Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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Cherish the gift that is today! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Teaching:


“The gift you’ve been given is that you can create absolutely anything, whether small or great. So imagine, believe, and set your dreams free. There is no limit to what you can do or be.”

From: On My Way To A Happy Life
By Deepak Chopra and Kristina Tracy

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Douglas Brown:
Many Yoga Practitioners Find Spirituality — and Some Religious Leaders Object

“…religious scholars are decrying what has happened to yoga in America… Amid it all, people keep buying yoga mats, signing up for classes, and twisting themselves into poses. Few are participating in debates between religious advocates and yogis. But many are at least aware of the spiritual components of yoga.”

2. Krista Tippett: Muddy Depictions Create New Ways of Seeing
“I like people who muddy depictions of good and bad, right and wrong. That pit people and causes irrevocably against one another. Such voices do not simplify; they often make an “issue” feel even more complicated than before. And yet they also open our eyes to new ways of seeing, and new possibilities forward.”

3. David Briggs: Is Religion In America in Decline?
“The argument that religion is declining has gained more attention in recent years with major surveys pointing to the existence of a substantial group of Americans who state no preference for organized religion.”

4. Cathy Lynn Grossman:
Satan Sues Rev. Rob Bell in Blog’s Devilish April Fools’ Interview

“Ever since pastor-author Rob Bell ignited hellacious infighting over heaven, hell and salvation in the Christian book-and-blogosphere, I’ve wondered if anyone would dare hit the humor angle. Turns out I just had to wait for April Fools’ Day.”


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