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Humanity’s Second Spiritual Age, The Theology of Unitarian Universalists, Breaking Up with God: I Didn’t Lose My Faith, I Left It…

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Today’s Teaching:


“When their inherent similarites are revealed, the collected wisdom of the world’s religions shows a profound “Oneness” of the human spirit. When placed side by side – with surprisingly similar wording in many instances – the essential beliefs shared by all religions confirm that our differences are superficial, and that our similarities are deep.”

From: Oneness: Great Principles Shared by All Religions
By Jeffrey Moses

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Duane Elgin: Humanity’s Second Spiritual Age
“As people around the world move into spiritual communion and empathic connection with the living universe, we see the role of religion differently: Less often do people look for a bridge to the divine. Increasingly, people seek guidance and community in the journey of awakening within the living universe.”

2. Marilyn Sewell: The Theology of Unitarian Universalists
“How many times have I heard people remark, “You can believe anything and be a Unitarian Universalist.” Or someone might say, with no trace of irony, “I go to the Unitarian Universalist church because I don’t believe in organized religion.” Incredulous, I say to myself, “Gee, I try to be organized. And we do have a choir. And choir robes. And ministers. And a building.”

3. Sarah Sentilles: Breaking Up with God: I Didn’t Lose My Faith, I Left It
An invitation to come out of the closet as a questioner,
an agnostic, or a dissatisfied believer.

“I had been telling people that I left institutional Christianity because the church was sexist—which is true—but I also left institutional Christianity because my faith in God had changed dramatically. I no longer believed what I had once believed. I also told people that I lost faith in God, but I realized that isn’t exactly right either. I didn’t lose my faith. I left it.”

4. The New York Times: More People Praying About Health, Analysis Finds
“According to the analysis, published in the May issue of the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, the use of prayer has increased in recent years among adults of all ages. Women, black people, older and married individuals and those whose health status had changed — for better or worse — were more likely than others to pray.”


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