How Connected Are We to Our Environment?, Believing in God vs. Knowing God, Personality and Profession: When Who You Are Becomes What You Do…

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“Although spirituality is not interested in measuring, proving, or manipulating, the boundaries between spirituality and therapy are often confused because both are concerned with making whole. We come to therapy and to spirituality when we are in pain, and therapy seeks what spirituality seeks: a mending to our brokenness, some soothing relief for our ‘torn-to-pieces-hood’.”

From: The Spirituality of Imperfection
By Ernest Kurt and Katherine Ketcham

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Ashish Virmani: Spirituality: How Connected Are We to Our Environment?
“The concept of dependent origination says that a human being is connected in some way to all other things in his/her environment. Our thoughts affect our lives. Singer Raageshwari Loomba couldn’t agree more, “I feel that a peaceful person gets all the rewards he desires. When we react from our higher consciousness we can be really happy.”

2. Margaret Paul, Ph.D.: Believing in God vs. Knowing God
“For some reason, most people who believe in God but do not know God seem to think God is a “person” who should be able to stop bad things from happening. When you know God, then you know that God is spirit and is always here to help you manage the challenges of life but cannot stop those challenges.”

3. Susan Leem: Personality and Profession: When Who You Are Becomes What You Do
“To be effective workers, many of us use learned principles of best workplace practices, even though they may counter our natural instincts. But this goes against a common sense idea that your personal tendencies could help you at work.”


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