Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Curb Pain with Meditation, Vincent Bugliosi Defends Agnosticism, U.S. Senate Confirms Religious Freedom Ambassador…

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Today’s Teaching:


“Mindfullness may be the mental ‘seat belt’ that protects us along the bumpy, twisting, turning road of life, whether we encounter unexpected drop-offs, terrible accidents, or smooth sailing.”

From: Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness
By BSusan L. Smalley PhD and Diana Winston

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Adam Cole: Even Beginners Can Curb Pain With Meditation
“Meditation has long been touted as a holistic approach to pain relief. And studies show that long-time meditators can tolerate quite a bit of pain. Now researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found you don’t have to be a lifelong Buddhist monk to pull it off. Novices were able to tame pain after just a few training sessions.”

2. Eric Reitan: Unreasonable Doubt: Vincent Bugliosi Defends Agnosticism
“One hardly needs a book to demonstrate that no one has a knock-down argument for—or against—God’s existence. In reflecting on the ultimate nature of reality we’re dealing with mysteries that transcend our grasp. Or as theologian John Hick says, “the true character of the universe does not force itself upon us, and we are left with an important element of freedom and responsibility in our response to it.”

3. Pew Forum/RNS: Senate Confirms Religious Freedom Ambassador
“A New York minister will soon fill the Obama administration’s long-vacant position to oversee international religious freedom after the Senate voted to confirm the Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook for the post. Thursday’s (April 14) voice vote positions Cook to become the first female and the first African-American in the post after a lengthy and controversial nomination process.”


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