Thursday, May 26, 2011


Why Is Raising Children Religion-Free Still Taboo?, Oprah’s Big Hug of Spirituality Will Outlive Her Show, Bob Dylan – Musical Prophet…

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A moving inspirational video by John Van Achen on How to Create Your Best Year Ever.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Jayanti Tamm: Why Is Raising Children Religion-Free Still Taboo?
“Why is it that in 2011 it is still taboo, a social oddity, to raise children free from religion? This week, as certain fanatics are sheepishly removing their signs about the end of the world and others are beginning the countdown until the next prophesized date of doom, now perhaps more than ever, the expected practice that parents should bequeath to their children an antiquated, weighted, codified belief system — one that decries itself absolute with deviation deemed corrosive, heretical or even damning — seems archaic and detrimental.”

2. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Oprah’s Big Hug of Spirituality Will Outlive Her Show
“Oprah, the prophetess of post-Judeo-Christian America who brought us big hug spirituality — love yourself, save yourself — leaves the daily stage today to run her media empire. To whom will we turn? God? Not likely. Many Americans no longer believe in a mighty judge who sets the rules for life now and forever. Instead, many of us sing Oprah’s song of self-redemption.”

3. Nancy Rosenbaum: Bob Dylan, Musical Prophet:
BBC Documentary Traces Singer/Songwriter’s Spiritual Journey on His 70th Birthday

“The BBC has released Blowing in the Wind: Dylan’s Spiritual Journey in celebration of the singer/songwriter’s 70th birthday. The radio documentary traces Dylan’s path from a Jewish boy bar mitzvahed in Minnesota through and beyond his conversion to evangelical Christianity in the late 1970s. Even if you’re not a die-hard Dylan fan, it’s well worth 30 minutes of your listening time.”

4. The New York Times: Next for ‘Survivor’ Producer: Bible-Based Scripted Drama
“In the beginning, Mark Burnett made a name as the most prominent producer of reality television. Now he’s moving from Omarosa to Moses. In what Mr. Burnett is calling the “most important project I have ever undertaken,” he has made a deal with the History Channel to mount a 10-hour series based on the stories of the Bible.”


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