Thursday, May 12, 2011


Why are So Many Losing their Religion?, How Do You Teach a Child About Religious Symbolism?, Challenging Religion-Based Sexism…

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“You don’t achieve heights by luck or just because you are in line for it. Your effort plays a big role.”

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. William McKenzie: Why are So Many Losing their Religion?
“A new study indicates that parts of the world are literally losing their religion. The study was conducted by the American Physical Society and presented during the group’s recent meeting in Dallas. What the authors see in their mathematical modeling is a trend in which people in some modern secular democracies are increasingly identifying themselves as non-affiliated with any religion… What’s happening here? What is it that’s missing in communities of faith?”

2. Autumn Vandiver: How Do You Teach a Child About Religious Symbolism?
“I do not know quite who or what I believe in as far as spiritual matters are concerned and I am content to remain forever in a state of wondering. I hope to instill this sense of openness in my son. I hope he can recognize and respect others’ beliefs without feeling like he has to choose one to subscribe to himself… The thing I most want him to understand is that religious symbols, such as the cross, carry meaning and when you walk around with one, people will think that they know you and thus, treat you accordingly.”

3. Sikivu Hutchinson: Challenging Religion-Based Sexism
“As mentors for the Women’s Leadership Project (WLP), a South L.A.-based high school gender justice program, my partner Diane Arellano and I train our students to lead in-class workshops on the everyday impact of misogynistic language, stereotypes, and media imagery. Students develop critical consciousness about their shared struggle vis-à-vis the stereotype of the sacrificial good black/Latina “woman of faith.”


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