Thursday, March 31, 2011


Can Spirituality Heal Suffering?, Why Feminists Are Less Religious, An Interfaith Center in Place of a Mosque…

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“The Miracle is You!” ~Kute Blackson

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Deepak Chopra: Can Spirituality Heal Suffering?
“The idea that suffering contains a spiritual message goes beyond fatalism and idealism both, because the distinction between inner and outer, physical and mental is erased. Instead, we are seen as pure spirit, which has chosen to walk on the stage of the natural world in order to play out soul dramas.”

2. Kristin Aune: Why Feminists are Less Religious
“The results show that, when compared with the general female population, feminists are much less likely to be religious, but a little more likely to be interested in alternative or non-institutional kinds of spirituality… Many liberals and feminists, concerned about the rise of fundamentalism and its erosion of women’s rights, conclude similarly that feminism and religion have little in common.”

3. The Huffington Post: Stephen Colbert Talks Religion With Stephen Prothero
“On Tuesday night’s episode of The Colbert Report, special guest Stephen Prothero joined the host for a wide-ranging discussion of the world’s religions aimed at answering an important question: which religion is the best? After giving up Catholicism for Lent, and then giving up Judaism because he liked it too much, Colbert invited Prothero onto his show to help him find a suitable substitute.”

4. The New York Times: Planners of Mosque Considering New Project
“Two co-founders of the plan to build a Muslim community center and mosque in downtown Manhattan have begun exploring a new, and possibly competing, project: an interfaith cultural center that they said might be located at the currently proposed site, two blocks from ground zero, or elsewhere in the neighborhood.”


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