Thursday, March 10, 2011


Spiritual Lessons from YouTube, The Practical Mystery of Yoga, The Pope Will Now Take Questions…

Today’s Inspiration:


“The thing to do with feelings is to make it safe to feel all of them.”
~ author unknown

Being hooked up to an emotion telling light machine can be difficult…

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Vern Barnet: Spiritual Lessons from YouTube
“How about a class on spirituality based not on the Bible or the Bhagavad-Gita or the Qur’an or Buddhist sutras but rather on YouTube videos? I recently visited such a class, called Attention Deficit Dharma, at the invitation of high school theater teacher and musician Victor Dougherty.”

2. Krista Tippett: The Practical Mystery of Yoga
“I was mostly aware of how good the physical workout felt… But at some point a few months on, I realized that yoga was working in far more significant ways on my energy, my sense of spiritual and mental well-being, the way I moved through the rest of my life.”

3. Philip Goldberg: The Interfaith Movement Deepens
“When I’m asked why I became an interfaith minister, I usually say that I have commitment issues. It’s only a half joke. As a spiritual pragmatist, I’ve drawn from the wise ones of every tradition, and also from atheists, humanists and scientists.”

4. Roger S. Gottlieb:
Spirituality and the Revolutions in the Middle East: Finding Faith in the Long View

“In moments of political freedom, like moments of spiritual grace, we learn that something else is possible. The experience of freedom, no matter how short, is never completely lost.”

5. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Pope Benedict Will Take Public Questions: What’s Yours?
“Asking questions isn’t the traditional way to observe Lent, beginning today with Ash Wednesday. But yesterday an Italian TV station announced it would take questions from the public for the pope to answer in a Good Friday broadcast.”


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