Thursday, June 30, 2011


The Problem With Socrates, Spiritual Kids Are Happier Kids, Meditation Made Simple: You Can’t Do It Wrong…

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A little piece of inspiration from the movie
The Pursuit of Happyness

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Deepak Chopra: The Problem With Socrates
“Ever since, up to the triumphant rise of science, enlightenment has been equated with reason and ignorance with unreason. So what is the problem with Socrates? It is that Socrates himself was also a champion of un-reason. He said that he had a mysterious inner voice that told him when he was doing wrong (his daemon), and that this voice had a divine source.”

2. Kelly Galimi: Spiritual Kids Are Happier Kids
“Young children naturally are more receptive to a spiritual view of the world. With a generous spirit and positive attitude, most young children welcome enthusiastically any opportunity to pitch in and help others. Volunteering time, energy, and ideas is a wonderful way for children to see the positive impact of selfless actions.”

3. Arnie Kozak:
Meditation Made Simple: Seven Considerations to Get You Going
Four: You Can’t Do It Wrong

“The goal of meditation is not clearing the mind of thoughts or making it a “blank slate” (at least not the way I teach meditation)… Relaxation is fairly reliable by-product of meditation, but it is not the primary goal. Just pay attention to what is happening now, without preconceptions, agendas, and conditions, and see how you feel. You just might feel relaxed.”


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