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Thursday, June 23, 2011


What Does ‘God’ Mean?, Should the United States Promote Religious Freedom?, Spirituality is a Way to Connect to the Higher Self…

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Rules for being human!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Marilyn Sewell: What Does ‘God’ Mean?
“I started doubting at an early age. My problem is that I never seemed able to access this God of love and mercy that the minister talked about. In the pain of my childhood and adolescence, my prayers seemed to go no higher than the ceiling.”

2. Thomas David DuBois: Should the United States Promote Religious Freedom?
“Yet any nation will face certain problems in promoting religious freedom abroad, and those problems are further compounded when that nation is the United States. These need to be fully considered if the policy is to not backfire.”

3. Shreya Badola: Spirituality is a Way to Connect to the Higher Self
“Spirituality is a word which often tends to make people think about religion and religious deeds. Being spiritual does not mean that you are going to places where you can worship and do rituals. Like someone said religion is a form of spirituality “where religion ends, spirituality begins”.


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