Thursday, July 7, 2011


A Closer Look at Role of Faith in America’s Founding, Is Religion ‘Religulous’?, When Yoga Gets Really Real…

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Another great song from “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Thomas S. Kidd: A Closer Look at Role of Faith in America’s Founding
“A deeper look shows that the role of faith in the Founding was more complicated than this politicized debate suggests. One of the greatest ironies in the Founding period was that the people who pushed hardest for the separation of church and state were evangelical Christians…”

2. Kabir Helminski: Is Religion ‘Religulous’?
“Unfortunately, wherever we look in the contemporary world, we will see examples of toxic opinions, absurd beliefs, self-serving rationalizations and malicious mind-control — in other words, what sometimes corrupts religion also corrupts so many human activities. In one form or another, we see these tendencies in politics, science, finance and even the arts.”

3. Vanessa Reid: When Yoga Gets Really Real
“My practice has been to reframe and re-contract my relationship with my own body, with my heart, with the identities I had accumulated up until now, and certainly with what I had understood yoga was for me. More specifically, my yoga practice here, in Jerusalem, has been the rigorous commitment to understanding my own heart.”


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