Drumming and Spirituality Go Hand in Hand, Poll: God’s Approval Rating Barely Breaks 50 Percent, How to Love Your Enemies (Really)…

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An inspirational true story about beating the odds! Autistic salutatorian Eric Duquette gives a memorable speech to his classmates.

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Lorenda Knisel: Drumming and Spirituality Go Hand in Hand
“Since ancient times, people from all over the world and from many cultures have used drumming to heal themselves, to enter into deep meditative states to commune with the divine, to celebrate life, and to become one with their tribe. A revival has occurred over the past few decades, with drum circles popping up at music festivals, at spiritual ceremonies, and on college campuses.”

2. Jack Jenkins: Poll: God’s Approval Rating Barely Breaks 50 Percent
“More than half of U.S. voters approve of God’s job performance, according to a new poll, making God more popular than all members of Congress. The poll — which was conducted by the Democratic research firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) — surveyed 928 people and found that 52 percent of Americans approved of God’s overall dealings, while only 9 percent disapproved.”

3. Deepak Chopra: How to Love Your Enemies (Really)
“The difficult question of how to love your enemy goes much deeper than this. Many teachings in the New Testament clash with psychological reality. To love someone who hates you, like turning the other cheek when someone hits you, seems like a spiritual ideal that can’t be attained except by saints. Who among us is a saint?”


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