How Spirituality Tells Us to Be Simple, The Politics of “Spiritual But Not Religious”, Can Quantum Physics Explain God?…

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This video from our friends over at Holy Rascals captures a candid conversation entitled “Who Are You” about a quest for spiritual identity. Fascinating! Check it out!

Spirituality News & Posts:

1. Duane Elgin: How Spirituality Tells Us to Be Simple
“The wisdom of simplicity is a theme with deep roots. The great value and benefits of living simply are found in all the world’s major wisdom traditions.”

2. Jonathan D. Fitzgerald: The Politics of “Spiritual But Not Religious”
“It’s tempting, in our perpetually overheated political climate, to try to eliminate “outside factors” that seem to complicate the process. Most often, the chief offender is religion. Religion muddies the waters of politics; people’s personal beliefs often seem like a wild card that, if it could be pulled from the deck, would make things work a lot smoother… The problem is that this is wholly unnatural.”

3. Peter Baksa: Can Quantum Physics Explain God?
“Ancient biblical text, through its rituals, taught us to pray, to chant, to meditate in order to ask God to manifest our desires. Now, it is clear that there is a boundary between science and philosophy, between reality and fantasy. That boundary is Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is the steppingstone between ourselves and the Universe, between what we want and making it actually happen in the natural.”


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