The Thoughtful Spot – SBNR Daily 1-25-11


Ways to be Spiritual, Embracing a Crisis of Faith, Live Your Best Life Now…

The Thoughtful Spot – SBNR Daily 1-25-11

Today’s Goodness: The Austin Statesman recently ran this article about the quest a mother and her daughters are taking to find their own spirituality. For the next year they will be studying all the major religious traditions on this earth. And to our delight, they will be blogging along the way.

Follow along at The Thoughtful Spot.

Cheers to prospects ahead of you! ~The SBNR Team

Today’s Teaching:


“You have discovered the spiritual universe. Many others have discovered this same world, but each must make the discovery for himself. You are going to have a lot of joy sailing around this world of yours. Don’t fight the opinions of others, or waste your time arguing over these things. Follow the inward gleam of your consciousness and you will arrive.”

From: This Thing Called You
By Ernest Holmes

Today’s Meditation:


The story of a man with a little ingenuity and a lot of persistence. How it all started with just one little red paper clip…

Spirituality Posts:

1. Khadija Allen: Ways to be Spiritual when You’re Not Religious
“On a quest for spiritual guidance, you have longed to be a more well-rounded and devotional person. Rather than seeking out an organized religion for guidance, some people connect to the world and powers around them through other means. Here’s how you can live the spiritual life…”

2. Kent Annan: Embrace Your Crisis of Faith
“A crisis of faith — when you seriously question whether what you believe/how you see/what you’re committed to is actually true — is a good thing. It’s not pleasant. It hurts… But it’s good because we want to be open to truth and what it means for us.”

3. BJ Gallagher: How to Live Your Best Life Now!
“Hope springs eternal in the human heart. Today — any day — is the perfect day to fan that flame of hope – for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our country, and for our world.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Washington Post/AP: Hawaii Senate Ends Daily Chamber Prayers
“Fearing a possible court challenge, Hawaii’s state Senate has voted to silence the daily prayer offered before each session began – making it the first state legislative body in the nation to halt the practice.”

2. The Washington Post:
Long Island Muslims Fear Their Congressman’s Hearings Could Flame Islamophobia

“The top issue on everyone’s mind this month at the Islamic Center of Long Island was this: What could be done to stop planned congressional hearings on alleged hidden radicalism among American Muslims and mosques?”

3. Google News/AP: Pope to Catholics Online: It’s Not Just About Hits
“Pope Benedict XVI told Catholic bloggers and Facebook and YouTube users Monday to be respectful of others when spreading the Gospel online and not to see their ultimate goal as getting as many online hits as possible.”


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