Spiritual Truths


What is Spiritual Truth?

Spiritual Truths

At SBNR.org we monitor the Internet for references to SBNR.org and the phrase “Spiritual But Not Religious”. Periodically, when we find an article about SBNR.org or the SBNR community that is materially incorrect or confusing, I make a comment in an effort to promote misunderstanding.  Typically my posts include four main points:

  1. SBNR.org does not speak for the SBNR community.
  2. SBNR is a lifestyle, not something to join.
  3. There is no single SBNR perspective.
  4. People who are SBNR aren’t categorically anti-religious.

Recently a conservative Catholic blogsite referenced SBNR.org and our statement that “All Religions Contain Some Wisdom but No One Religion Contains All Wisdom.”  I made a comment to that thread and engaged in a discussion of Truth vs. Wisdom.

It is my perspective that Truth is not something to be fully known, but a direction in which humanity travels.  I contend that humanity has an instinctual evolutionary urge toward the Good, True and Beautiful.   Wisdom is our most relevant map for that journey.

Religions are organized around a collection of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the Universe and humanity’s place in it.   Religions are generally static.  They believe all that needs to be known has already been revealed.   I am “not religious” because I believe in an open-ended continuing revelation of Spirit that evolves as we evolve….but that’s my personal “spiritual truth”.

Does the term “Spiritual Truths” have a relevant meaning?  If there are such things as spiritual truths, why would they need defending?  What is the difference between the words “wisdom” and “truth” in a practical sense? Does it matter if we disagree on spiritual truth or wisdom? Is it possible for us to believe different truths but still develop a shared morality?

This is our first post to “The Well”.  Here we engage in chewy discussions on deep subjects.  Join in and share your perspective.  The topic of “truth” can quickly become a bland academic philosophical interchange.  Let’s make this a discussion in applied philosophy.  How do you use your understanding of spiritual truth or wisdom to engage in life and to live meaningfully?

Let’s begin!


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