SBNR Daily 9-20-10: Ballerinas


Pope Goes Home, Stewart’s “Rally To Restore Sanity”, Dancers Make A Point…

SBNR Daily 9-20-10: Ballerinas


It is not enough to be versed in only one religion. You are heir to the entire spectrum of humanity. While one of them may resonate more strongly within you than another, you can learn from them all and adapt practices from each to enrich your own capacity for loving-kindness.

(from The Sacred Art Of Lovingkindness: Preparing To Practice, by Rabbi Rami Shapiro)


1. Dr. Nalini Chilkov: How Can We Bring About A Compassionate Society?

“…the solutions to our social and personal problems and challenges require our active engagement, not just reflection and rhetorical and philosophical musings. And more important, these ways of being must be introduced early in life and cultivated in our children allowing these values to be come embedded in the culture and woven into the fabric of our society..”

2. Susan Dominus: A Vision Of A Place For All Faiths

“Even in a city like New York, with its vibrant and diverse forms of religious expression, one would be hard-pressed to find an institution with one strong religious affiliation routinely hosting, as part of its mission, services for myriad other faiths. But in response to the maelstrom surrounding their proposed mosque and community center, the developer and the imam behind it have recently spoken of such a commitment.”

3. Julie Ingersoll: Colbert V. Stewart: It’s On! 10.30.10

“Stewart and the Daily Show will host the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” 10.30.10 on the Washington Mall. In a hilarious parody of Glenn Beck, Stewart urges moderates to join him for “a Million Moderate March,” suggesting that a small minority of Americans have taken the public discussion hostage because the “rest of us have s**t to do.”


1. The Washington Post: Vatican Declares Pope’s Visit To Britain A Success

“The Vatican declared Pope Benedict XVI’s four-day visit to Britain a “great success” Sunday, saying the pontiff was able to reach out to a nation wary of his message and angry at his church’s sex abuse scandal.”

2. Google News/AP: Lawmakers: Protect Embryonic Stem Cell Research

“Sen. Arlen Specter said Thursday that Congress should “get busy” on giving legal stature to the federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research to avoid giving a final say on the issue to a conservative Supreme Court.”

3. The Washington Post: 13 From Calif. Sect Found In Park After Tense Hunt

“The only people who seemed to take the disappearance of 13 adherents of a breakaway religious sect in stride were the members themselves, who were found enjoying the afternoon in leisure and prayer in a park Sunday.”


“I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche


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