SBNR Daily – September 17th


Pope Makes A Fumble, Death Of The Soap Opera, Nose Rings For Faith…

SBNR Daily – September 17th


True compassion has the intensity and spontaneity of a loving mother caring for her suffering baby. Throughout the day, such a mother’s concern for her child affects all her thoughts and actions. This is the attitude we are working to cultivate toward each and every being. When we experience this, we have generated “great compassion.”

(from An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life, by The Dalai Lama)


1. Jay Michaelson: Political Consequences Of A Judging God: A Yom Kippur Reflection

“The judging God is a stage along the psychological path, both individually and communally. But at a certain point, it becomes more important to forgive ourselves.”

2. Vladimir Chituc: Common Ground In The Non-Religious Movement?

“Where can I side on a debate so stereotypically framed as a conflict between skeptical rationality and pragmatic cooperation when I strongly value both? Do I promote rationality and consequently alienate potential local allies, or do I work to build bridges while spurning those who legitimately address religion’s ills elsewhere?”

3. Katy E. Shrout: Religion, Morality, And The Death Of The American Soap Opera

“For those interested in the relationship between religion and American popular culture, the soap opera has been a fascinating case. Soap operas, like most media marketed to women, have long been preoccupied with right and wrong.”


1. BBC News: Row After Pope’s Remarks On Atheism And Nazis

“A speech in which the Pope appeared to associate atheism with the Nazis has prompted criticism from humanist organisations. However, the Catholic Church has moved to play down the controversy, saying the Pope knew “rather well what the Nazi ideology is about”.”

2. The New York Times: Cartoonist In Hiding After Death Threats

“A cartoonist in Seattle who promoted an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” last spring is now in hiding after her life was threatened by Islamic extremists.”

3. Google News/AP: NC Teen: Nose Ring More Than Fashion, It’s Faith

“A soft-spoken 14-year-old’s nose piercing has landed her a suspension from school and forced her into the middle of a fight over her First Amendment right to exercise her religion.”


“Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, You learn notes to play to the music of your soul.”
~Katie Greenwood


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