SBNR Daily 9-29-10: The World Is Our Playground!


Global Religious Issues, Fusing Science and Spirituality, Mormon Leader Apologizes…

SBNR Daily 9-29-10: The World Is Our Playground!


Many Americans still don’t understand. The so-called National Sacrifice Area was ostensibly limited to the underpopulated ranching and farming communities of southern Utah, eastern Nevada, and the Arizona strip. The hard truth speaks otherwise.

From: Folding Paper Cranes
By Leonard Bird


1. Hiroshi Tasaka: 3 Strategies For Fusing Science And Spirituality
“If [Hegelian law] is correct, science and spirituality will come to resemble each other, merge with each other, and fuse into a higher and greater “something.””

2. Laurie Fendrich: Rich And Religious? No Problem.
“The problem of wealth goes beyond a matter of economics, and to permit the national discussion about how much to tax the wealthy to rest entirely with the economics of taxes excludes broader, equally important ethical questions about how we should live.”

3. Joanna Brooks: Mormon Leader: ‘I’m Sorry’ For Hurtful Legacy Of Prop. 8
“It was not a renunciation of Mormon doctrine on homosexuality. But it was a significant acknowledgment of the experience of gay Mormons and their allies, an instance of dialogue between Church leadership and membership.”


1. The Washington Post: Obama Discusses His Christian Faith, Chides Republicans In Backyard Chat
“President Obama, speaking to middle-class Americans on Tuesday in his latest round of “backyard chats,” opened up to a questioner about his Christian faith…”

2. The New York Times: Test Of India Verdict Will Lie In Public Reaction
“Dating from 1950, the legal battle between Hindus and Muslims over a religious site in the city of Ayodhya began as a little-noticed title dispute. With a ruling finally expected on Thursday, the case has become something altogether different: a test of India’s secular soul. “

3. The Globe And Mail: Haitian Diaspora Spreading The Gospel Of Voodoo
“Devotees have started a movement to bring voodoo and its rituals out of the shadows…Ms. Delerme, 34, has taken on a daunting task – pulling back the veil to try to demystify one of the most secretive and misunderstood religions in the world.”

4. USA Today: Philippine Church Hits President On Contraception
“President Benigno Aquino III has angered the powerful Catholic Church by expressing support for the right to contraception in a televised interview abroad.”


“The world is a playground, and life is pushing my swing.”
~Natalie Kocsis

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