SBNR Daily 9-21-10: OK GO!


SBNRs Get “Organized”, Yoga Threatens Christianity, Going To The Dogs…

SBNR Daily 9-21-10: OK GO!


Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence with which we access our deepest meanings, values, purposes, and highest motivations.

From: SQ: Connecting With Our Spiritual Intelligence
by Zohar & Marshall NEWS:

Rev. Todd Linn: Being Christian Makes Us Part Of An Organization

“Recently, a major news organization ran a story on a growing national trend that seems to evince an equally growing disdain for organized religion. The story reported on the rising number of Americans who identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” also known by the popular acronym, SBNR.”


1. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Yoga Poses Dangers To Genuine Christian Faith: Theologian

“A leading Baptist theologian says the ancient practice of yoga, bound to Hinduism, is wrong for Christians, that poses like saluting the sun (a Sarah Palin favorite pose, FYI) instead of focusing on the Son, is breathing in trouble.”

2. Janet Haag: UN International Day of Peace And The Power Of Prayer

“This UN International Day for Peace is a call for all of us to focus or re-focus on the goal. By making a concentrated effort to think peace, to act peacefully, and yes, to pray for peace–across diverse faith and wisdom traditions…”

3. Pamela Klassen: The Spiritual Politics Of Healing

“…is healing necessarily a biomedical concern, or is it a process that can also be complemented by services in a church sanctuary or treatments on a Reiki table?”


1. The Huffington Post: Russia’s Prisons Look To Faiths To Bring Moral Guidance

“Russian prisons, struggling with a growing crime rate, overcrowding and shortfalls in funding, are turning to religion to bring moral guidance to inmates.”

2. Times of Oman: Radical Islam challenges Central Asian leaders

“Security analysts say Central Asian militants who have fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan could attempt to exploit political turmoil and ethnic divisions to gain a foothold in the Ferghana valley, where three former Soviet republics intertwine. “

3. The Tony Blair Foundation: Tony Blair Supports Faith Communities Standing Up Against Global Poverty

“We are two thirds of the way towards the Millennium Development Goals deadline of 2015. Although we have come a long way there is still far to go. Faith communities have an important role to play in ensuring that governments meet their targets and honour the commitments made in 2000.”


“I have always felt it was human arrogance that assumes that only people have souls.”
~Anne Raver


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