SBNR Daily 12-9-10: True Size Of Our World


Non-Religious People Have More Dreams, A Zombie Theology, Religious Groups Are “Better Together”…

SBNR Daily 12-9-10: True Size Of Our World
Today’s Goodness: You have probably seen their billboards and the Pass It On campaign. The Foundation for a Better Life started as the simple idea to promote positive values and the project has become a huge success. Their website is now where you can find all sorts of positive stuff and good news. You can even make your own billboards which they might publish to their site.
Check out the Billboard Builder
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Today’s Teaching:


“Nothing except you can hold you from the realization that you create your own experience. Ultimately you are the only force in the universe that blocks you, for your will is free to choose anything.”

From: You Are God. Get Over It!
By Story Waters

Community Updates:

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Today’s Meditation:


The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being even to God, this is love.
~Victor Hugo

A graphical representation/size comparison of our universe.

Spirituality Posts:

1. Kelly Bulkeley: The Dreams Of Religious And Non-Religious People
“People who are not Christian and not religiously observant report higher dream recall and a higher frequency of most typical dreams.”

2. Doug B.: The Trivialization Of Religion
“What I’m suggesting in all this is that religion or spirituality really does matter and can make a difference in this modern world. It seems that humans are “hardwired” for religion. But we need to be mature minded in order to get its maximum benefit.”

3. John W. Morehead: Toward A Zombie Theology
“For some time now horror has been the focus of academic study, especially within religious studies. Turns out the final episode of Walking Dead was a case study for the intersection of zombies and theology, and a pointer toward the evolution of both scientific and popular thinking on the soul.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. USA Today: China Holds ‘Chaotic’ Confucius Peace Prize Ceremony
“China vented its anger at the caretakers of the Nobel Peace Prize today by awarding the inaugural Confucius Peace Prize, a day ahead of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Norway, our Calum MacLeod reports from Beijing.”

2. ABC News: New “Narnia” Film Stirs Religious Controversy
“The studios behind the new “Narnia” movie are walking a tightrope in their quest to promote the third film in the fantasy franchise to a Christian audience and to general moviegoers.”

3. The Pendulum:
New Campus Group Seeks To Show Religious Groups Are ‘Better Together’

“A group of students has taken one of the main initiatives of the Elon Commitment into it’s own hands, forming a new student organization called “Better Together,” designed to promote interfaith cooperation and to promote diversity and understanding.”


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