SBNR Daily 12-8-10: Shanghai Traces


A Church’s Naughty & Nice List, A ‘Jewish Racism’ Thesis, China Ignores Vatican Protest…

SBNR Daily 12-8-10: Shanghai Traces
Today’s Goodness: Did you know that Wikipedia is written almost exclusively by volunteers? It is an excellent case study in collaboration. A few months back we started a page for Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR), but our staff hasn’t had time to update it. If you like researching information and writing, please consider adding meaningful content to the SBNR page on Wikipedia.
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Today’s Teaching:


“What is God? You are a asking a very, very big question!…Maybe God is what you feel when you stand on a very high mountain and see a big beautiful view all around you.”

From: What is God?
An SBNR Children’s Book By Etan Boritzer

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Today’s Meditation:


For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.
~ Ivan Panin

This video was a response to the beautification campaign of Shanghai in anticipation of hosting the World Expo. The falling objects are the wares of street vendors who were forced from the city center.

Spirituality Posts:

1. John Stapleton IV: Spirituality Matters
“College life is a critical time of spiritual revelation, a recent study shows. This can be particularly evident during the religious practices students are exposed to over the course of December’s holiday season.”

2. Jeff Cote: Finding Spirituality
“The gay community is generally thought of as a non-religious group of people. Because the mainstream followers of the two most popular world religions condemn homosexuality, this should not come as a big surprise. However, if I know anything, it is to think beyond stereotypes. The truth is, there are many religious and spiritual homosexuals.”

3. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Ho Ho Oh-oh: Dallas Church Goofs On Grinch Alert
“…a megachurch led by [Rev. Robert] Jeffress is calling for, essentially, a public shaming of anyone who doesn’t toe the Christmas line he requires. And just so you know who’s who, Jeffress also plans to name names on local radio of public places that don’t say Merry Christmas, or decorate accordingly.”

Top Spirituality News:

1. The Toronto Star: U of T Slammed Over ‘Jewish Racism’ Thesis
“The University of Toronto is being criticized by Jewish groups, a prominent historian and Holocaust survivors for accepting a master’s thesis that calls two Holocaust education programs ‘racist.’ “

2. The Washington Post: China Ignores Vatican Protest, Chooses Church Leaders
“China’s government-backed “patriotic” Catholic Church began a three-day meeting Tuesday to choose new leaders, defying objections from the Vatican that the conclave has no formal standing with the true Catholic Church and further straining the Chinese government’s increasingly fraught relationship with the Holy See.”

3. Bearsden Herald: Hotel Owners Face Court Over Gays Veto
“A judge will decide whether the Christian owners of a seaside hotel in Cornwall acted lawfully in refusing to allow a gay couple to stay in a double room.”


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