SBNR Daily 12-3-10: White Wine In The Sun


Interfaith Environmentalism, Do Christians Do Yoga?, Pope Takes Hard Line On Sex Abuse…

SBNR Daily 12-3-10: White Wine In The Sun


Your higher self is leading you to all the things you need to do to grow spiritually. It is always there, guiding and loving you. You have all the answers within you.

From: Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
By Sanaya Roman


1. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Controversial Video Opens Artistic, Theological Debate
“A work of video art, which includes several seconds of imagery intended to parallel the suffering of Christ and the suffering of an artist dying of AIDS, has been cast out of a privately-funded exhibit at the publicly- funded Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.”

2. Frank Fredericks: Finding Interfaith Potential In Environmentalism
“Our environmental problem is one place where the religion, democracy and development trifecta has a clear potential for success. Communities of faith around the country are joining the “green” conversation and the environmental movement.”

3. Sally Kempton: Should Christians Do Yoga?
“A few weeks ago, a Baptist minister in Texas started a rumble, or at least a small brouhaha, when he declared that yoga is not suitable for Christians. His point was that using the body for spiritual practice contradicts basic Christian principles.”


1. Politico: Obama’s Stimulus Pours Millions Into Faith-Based Groups
“The story of the Obama administration’s large-scale spending on faith-based groups has been largely untold, perhaps because it cuts so sharply across the moment’s intensely partisan narrative.”

2. The Jewish Daily:
Big Love, Jewish-Style: One Divorce, Two Marriages, Lots of Questions

“In effect, New York State doesn’t differentiate between a religious marriage and a civil marriage. The result is a situation, illustrated in the Semel case, in which Jewish law and civil law are at odds in a way that some say provides needed safeguards against abuse, and others say is an abrogation of religious freedom.”

3. The Huffington Post/AP:
Vatican Produces Letter Showing Pope Tried To Take Harder Line On Sex Abuse

“The Vatican on Thursday released documentation showing Pope Benedict XVI sought as early as 1988 to find quicker ways to permanently remove priests who raped and molested children but was rebuffed.”


“I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up – they have no holidays.”
~Henny Youngman

Video: A sentimental song about Christmas by Tim Minchin.


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