SBNR Daily 12-1-10: Creative Creation


Hanukkah’s Cincinnati Routes, National Portrait Gallery Bows To Censors, Tolstoy’s Centenary Met With Silence…

SBNR Daily 12-1-10: Creative Creation


Enlightenment is not a place you reach where you stop growing and are perfect. No matter how high you go there are higher and higher levels you can reach. Being elightened means you have the tools and resources to handle all the energies about you in such a way that you add clarity, harmony, and light to everything around you.

From: Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
By Sanaya Roman


1. Brian Levin, J.D: Our Gift Of Religious Tolerance Must Be Shared By All Americans
“That gift is the blessing of living in the United States, where religious observance and freedom, as well as non-observance for those who choose, is uniquely protected…”

2. Meera Subramanian: Plant Porn And Physics Prayers
“One man from San Francisco is taking on all three institutions, targeting priest, scientist, and artist in a playful rally against authority.”

3. NPR: Tracing Hanukkah’s U.S. Roots … To Cincinnati?
“Hanukkah, which begins Wednesday, is a fairly modest holiday in Israel and many other Jewish communities around the world. But it gained a much more prominent status in the U.S. after a couple of Reform rabbis decided to make it a little more Christmas-like in the late 19th century.”


1. The New York Times: Terror Cases Strain Ties With Some Who Can Help
“Many Muslim leaders nationwide say they are committed to working with the authorities to fight terrorist threats and applauded the work in Portland. But some say cases like the one in Oregon, in which undercover agents said they helped a teenager plan the attack, risk undermining the trust of Muslim communities that federal agents say is essential to doing their jobs.”

2. The Washington Post:
National Portrait Gallery Bows To Censors, Withdraws Wojnarowicz Video On Gay Love

“The University’s student-led atheist and agnostic organization, Alabama Atheists and Agnostics, or AAA, is a “free-thinking and non-religious community” that offers a place for students who “hold various perspectives on faith and religion,” according to the AAA Facebook page.”

3. Reuters: On Tolstoy Centenary, Russian Orthodox Won’t Lift Excommunication
“Unlike the 150th anniversary of writer Anton Chekhov’s birth this year — which prompted an emotional outpouring from President Dmitry Medvedev and spurred a nationwide festival — the November centenary of one of Russia’s most universally acclaimed writers has been met with surreal silence.”


“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

The video was part of a biomimicry project where Dana Haim and Learke Hooge Andersen were inspired by the glowing creatures of the deep sea as well as weird formations in the human body to inform new approaches in design:


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