SBNR Daily 11-30-10: Oneness


Making The Internet Moral, Religion’s Public Behavior, Dreidelpalooza…

SBNR Daily 11-30-10: Oneness


You don’t need to change yourself; you only need to love yourself.

From: Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
By Sanaya Roman


1. Chris Stedman: Making The Internet Moral
“The rise of cyberbullying in recent years demonstrates that our more-connected world comes with new moral and ethical questions that we must respond to with creativity and acumen.”

2. Dave Schechter: My Take: How Real Interfaith Dialogue Works
“I’ve thought for some time that if more Americans had personal contact, even friendships, with their fellow Americans who are Muslims there might be less mistrust and misunderstanding about the role Islam plays in their lives.”

3. Amarnath Amarasingam: How Religion Should Behave
“The positive enthusiasm garnered by the writings of the New Atheists evidences a growing sentiment in North America about organized religion and the role it should play in the public square…The enthusiasm is a reaction to what many feel is a long overdue, justified and growing response to the church’s historical abuses and their continued bullying tactics…”

4. The Huffington Post:
Yeshiva University Students Attempt To Break Dreidel Spinning World Record

“More than 500 Yeshiva University students will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most dreidels spun simultaneously during an appropriately titled event: Dreidelpalooza.”


1. Reuters: 250 Years Of Integration Vs Debate Over Muslims In Germany
“Today, the 63-year-old Percy MacLean, a chief judge in Berlin’s administrative court, says Germany risks losing the openness that allowed his family to flourish for generations because of a divisive national debate over the integration of Muslims.”

2. The Tennessean: Religious Broadcasters Say Sponsorship Rules Are Unfair
“Religious broadcasters are lobbying the federal government for the right to promote their sponsors the same way A Prairie Home Companion does pre-made crescent rolls.”

3. The Huffington Post/RNS: Religious Groups Support Repealing Gay Military Ban
“As the Pentagon readies a long-awaited survey of military personnel on lifting the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy, a new poll suggests broad support across religious groups for allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly.”


“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”
~ Swami Vivekananda

An original animation by Louis Lefebvre which chronicles the evolution of Consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. Its inspiration is the spiritual teaching of Wayne Liquorman and Ramesh S. Balsekar.:


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