SBNR Daily 11-23-10: Happy Thanksgiving!


Giving Thanks, Con Artists Prey On People Of Faith, Megachurch Fights $425k Tax Bill…

SBNR Daily 11-23-10: Happy Thanksgiving!
In observance of Thanksgiving, this will be the last SBNR Daily of the week. We will resume the Daily on Monday, November 29, 2010. Have a happy holiday!


You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.

From: Women Food and God:
An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

By Geneen Roth


1. Rick Hamlin: Prayer 101: An Attitude Of Gratitude
“If you don’t believe in God, of course you can feel grateful. But I ask myself, who do you feel grateful to?”

2. Brittany Baker: The Giving Of Thanks
“It’s not just the food, the football, the family, the time off from work, the disputable discovery of America, the fall colors, the pumpkin flavored treats, the togetherness or even the turkey. It’s the meaning of the holiday – Thanks-giving. The giving of thanks.”

3. Holly Welker: Spiritual Life: Love Bridges Religious Differences
“It’s a common conversation between former or inactive Mormons and those who are still faithful. “People can leave the Mormon church, but they can’t leave it alone” …although I stopped attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1989, I continue to study and write about it—and I can explain why.”


1. The Huffington Post/RNS: Do Religious People Make Easy Targets For Scams?
“Is it simply too easy for con artists to prey on people of faith?…Why do religious groups make such easy targets? For one, a swindler who professes the same faith, or belongs to the same congregation, has an easy time of earning trust, however misplaced.”

2. The Washington Post: Hit By AIDS, Africa Welcomes Pope’s Condom Message
“From clerics to AIDS activists, Africans applauded Pope Benedict XVI’s suggestion that condoms could be used in limited situations to protect partners – a shift that could make a dramatic impact in a continent that is both battling an HIV pandemic and increasingly turning to Catholicism.”

3. The Washington Post: Israeli Scholar Takes Ancient Talmud To The Masses
“[Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz] has just completed a monumental 45-year project hailed in Jewish scholarly circles as a breakthrough of biblical proportions – the most comprehensive translation and commentary of the Talmud, with its 63 basic sections and nearly 6,000 pages.”

4. The Tennessean: Nashville Church Fights $425,000 Tax Bill
“A South Nashville megachurch facing a $425,000 property tax bill is fighting the assessment on its gym, bookstore and cafe. The Tennessee State Board of Equalization, which decides tax exemptions for churches, contends those are commercial enterprises, so the portion of church property they occupy can be taxed.”


“If you think the United States has stood still, who built the largest shopping center in the world?”
~Richard M. Nixon

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