SBNR Daily 11-22-10: Alone In Your Room


Lennon Was SBNR, Pope Okays Condoms, An Interfaith Thanksgiving…

SBNR Daily 11-22-10: Alone In Your Room


Our relationship to food is an exact microcosm of our relationship to life itself…everthing we believe about love, fear, transformation and God is revealed in how, when and what we eat.

From: Women Food and God:
An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything

By Geneen Roth


1. Terry Mattingly: John Lennon, ‘Spiritual,’ Not ‘Religious’
“…he was a vivid example of an attitude toward faith that has only gained power in the decades since his death. Lennon was “spiritual,” but not “religious” before that stance became all too common.”

2. Anushka Asthana:
Is Religion A Force For Good… Or Would We Be Happier Without God?

In the week that militant atheist Christopher Hitchens challenges Tony Blair to a debate about God, The Guardian asks five leading thinkers: “Do we need a deity?”

3. Suzette Martinez Standring: Spiritual Life: Love Bridges Religious Differences
“Thanksgiving celebrates family, but reunions can produce friction when there is a conflict about lifestyles. B.J. Rosenfeld wrote a book that is a unique tribute to all parents who stand behind their children’s life altering decisions.”


1. The New York Times: Diverse And Divided, But Praying As One
“Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims assembled Sunday for an interfaith Thanksgiving service at the Pleasantville Community Synagogue.”

2. BBC: John Ware Asks: How Do You Define Extremism?
“…a network of more than 40 weekend Saudi schools have been offering to teach the Saudi national curriculum to Muslim children in the UK and some of it is very extreme indeed.”

3. Yahoo News/AP: Pope Says Some Condom Use ‘First Step’ Of Morality
“Pope Benedict XVI has opened the door on the previously taboo subject of condoms as a way to fight HIV, saying male prostitutes who use condoms may be beginning to act responsibly.”


“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”
~Blaise Pascal

Animated short created by Vancouver Film School student Christian Smith:


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