SBNR Daily 11-19-10: The Edge Of Space


Barbie Gets A Muslim Makeover, A New Bible Translation, Is Suffering The Rorschach Test Of Faith?…

SBNR Daily 11-19-10: The Edge Of Space


Fear unchecked grows exponentially. Love poured forth has the power to remove it.

From: A Return to Love:
Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

By Marianne Williamson


1. Kent Annan: Faith In A Time Of Cholera
“…suffering is often just another Rorschach test of faith: it confirms and provides a rhetorical tool for people on either side of the debate to claim superiority and whack the opponent’s idiocy.”

2. Sarah Posner: Obama’s Supposed “Religion Dilemma” And American Exceptionalism
“We’ve known from numerous surveys over the years that there’s a high correlation between frequent church attendance and more conservative political beliefs, and pretending to walk the evangelical walk or talk the evangelical talk doesn’t help Democrats bridge that political divide.”

3. Nicholas Lang: Talking The ‘Hereafter’ With Atheists And Believers
“I know that non-religious folks belong in the interfaith movement. If faith is to unite build bridges across faith lines, skeptics have a key role in ensuring that religion acts as a force for good in the world.”


1. The Herald Sun: Say Hello To Fatima, The ‘Islamic Barbie’
“An Iranian company is producing an “Islamic Barbie” – a modestly-dressed doll called Fatima that it hopes will promote traditional values among Iranian girls.”

2. Yahoo News/AP: Cardinals Talk Religious Freedom Amid China Flap
“The world’s cardinals met Friday in a rare Vatican summit to discuss the most pressing issues facing the church, including the sex abuse scandal, religious freedom and the conversion of Anglicans to Catholicism.”

3. USA Today: New Bible Drops Gender-Neutral Language Of ’05 Version
“…the New International Version (NIV) has been the Bible of choice for evangelicals, selling more copies than any other version. But a 2005 gender-inclusive edition bombed after being condemned as too liberal. Translators hope their latest edition, which debuted online this month, will avoid a similar fate.”


“Space is the breath of art.”
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

On August 16, 1960, Joe Kittinger was strapped into an specially modified U.S. Air Force balloon and set off on an ascent into the clouds. After 4 hours he reached the edge of space at a record breaking attitude of 102,800 feet (approx 20 miles above land). At that height he was basically in outerspace with very little atmosphere and an outside temperature at 100 degrees below zero:


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