SBNR Daily 11-18-10: Reflection


A SBNR Tsunami, Thou Shalt Not Facebook, The Religious Freedoms Report…

SBNR Daily 11-18-10: Reflection


It may appear obvious that one must first recognize something before applying it, but this is actually the most troubling step in moving towards spiritual illumination.

From: There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
By Wayne Dyer


1. D. Patrick Miller: “Spiritual But Not Religious” On The Rise
“With the release of the Lifeway survey suggesting that nearly three-quarters of young adults identify as SBNR, it appears that this significant cultural wave is well on its way to becoming a tsunami.”

2. Mark Silk: Two Cheers For Faith-Based2
“Yesterday the White House put out its long-awaited executive order on the rules governing faith-based social service provision, and it’s a solid step forward over the 2002 Bush executive order it replaces.”

3. Rabbi Alan Lurie: God, Religion And The Potential Holiness Of Sex
“There is a common perception that religions finds sex distasteful; that sexuality is somehow impure and shameful, or that at best it should only be used for procreation. “


1. The Philadelphia Inquirer: Quit Facebook, Jersey Pastor Tells Married Church Officers
“Facebook can lead married people astray, says the head of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, N.J.”

2. Reuters: Europe Cited In US Religious Freedoms Report
“The United States voiced concern on Wednesday over deteriorating religious freedoms in many parts of the world, including several European countries where “harsh measures” limiting religious expression have been put in place.”

3. The Washington Post: Court Ends Group’s Challenge To Calif. Law School
“A federal appeals court has shot down another attempt by a Christian student group to force a California law school to formally recognize it, despite the group’s refusal to allow gay members.”


“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”
~ Thomas Merton

To create this short the artist used 15 sheets of drawings per one second, and as a whole, it consisted of approximately 3,000 drawings:


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