SBNR Daily 11-15-10: Talking Waterfalls


Weeping statue, exorcisms, and a magical fountain

SBNR Daily 11-15-10: Talking Waterfalls


“Healing, ritual, and community – the goods that the indigenous world can offer to the West are the very things that the modern world is struggling with.”

From: The Healing Wisdom of Africa
By Malidoma Patrice Some


1. Joseph Laycock:  Controversial Mary Statue Weeps
For three months, the city of Windsor, Ontario was abuzz with the story of a Virgin Mary statue that wept tears of oil. ”

2. Rabbi Rami: Islam has a Muslim Problem
“The problem with Islam is Muslims who have signed on to a radical, violent, murderous faith that, while violating the deepest principles of Islam, continues to masquerade as Islam, and does so successfully.”

3. Mollie: Explore Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws, Please
“Once again, there is no one Islam. There is no one unified approach to Sharia law, either. Readers need more facts to understand these clashes in beliefs within Islam.”


1. Associated Press: Catholic bishops: More exorcists needed
“Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., who organized the conference, said only a tiny number of U.S. priests have enough training and knowledge to perform an exorcism. ”

2. The New York Times:
The Burning Bush They’ll Buy, but Not ESP or Alien Abduction

“In [Jeffery J. Kripal’s] new book, “Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred”, he tries to convince serious religion scholars that they ought to study, say, ESP or alien abduction.”

3. The Huffington Post: Does Religion Shape Our Attitudes Toward Divorce?
“About half of Americans want more strict laws about divorce; about 25% would keep them the same and another 25% think that getting a divorce should be even easier.”


“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”


Amazing Water Fountain in Japan:


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