SBNR Daily 11-10-10: Imagination Runs Wild


Atheists Advertise, Oklahoma Bars Sharia Law Amendment, A Life After Death Double-Feature…

SBNR Daily 11-10-10: Imagination Runs Wild


The path of the human being begins the moment we begin to wonder if there isn’t something more to life. Often that catalyst for such questioning is a major challenge or trauma that compels us to search for a deeper dimension to life.

From: The Path of the Human Being
By Dennis Genpo Merzel


1. Lodro Rinzler:
A Meditation On Motorcycles: Buddhism And Bringing Light To Dark Places
“When we enter the scary or uncomfortable parts of our world, we can share our hearts. But we also gain something in return.”

2. Jay Michaelson:
A Life After Death Double-Feature: Eastwood’s Hereafter And Noe’s Enter The Void

“Two very different films about what happens after we die are in the theaters right now…While covering the same cosmological territory, the films couldn’t be more different, stylistically, thematically, and religiously.”

3. Crone Report: Losing Faith, Finding Truth
“Being able to step back from one’s religion and scripture and look at it thoroughly and in context is not something that is encouraged in most religions.”


1. The Oklahoman:
Federal Judge Bars Oklahoma’s Certification Of Sharia Law Amendment

“U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange barred the certification of the Sharia law amendment. The Oklahoma Muslim community hailed her ruling as victory for the constitution while the amendment’s authors expressed their disappointment.”

2. Reuters: Islam Is No Monolith In Obama Speeches To Muslims
“[President Obama’s] speech on Wednesday on the far eastern fringe of that world, his upbeat remarks about Indonesia’s democracy, development and diversity spelled hope for the future. But they were also veiled reference to autocratic Muslim countries.”

3. The New York Times: Atheist Groups Promote A Holiday Message: Join Us
“Four separate and competing national organizations representing various streams of atheists, humanists and freethinkers will soon be spreading their gospel through advertisements on billboards, buses and trains, and in newspapers and magazines.”


“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
~ Jamie Paolinetti

Gillian (a very intelligent but very shy four-year old girl) tries to help Alfred, her newly blind and bed-ridden grandfather, find happiness by helping him regain what was once his most cherished asset, the imagination of his mind:


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