SBNR Daily 10-6-10: Turning Off Gravity


Creationists Destroy Creationism, New Jersey Religious News, If Gravity Turned Off For A Moment…

SBNR Daily 10-6-10: Turning Off Gravity


In my own experience, I can see that I was drawn to meditation out of a certain kind of erotic longing. The sensual and the spiritual were mixed up with each other right from the start, so it was perhaps natural that I would be drawn to the left-handed teachings.

From: Open To Desire
By Mark Epstein, M.D.


1. Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.:
Creationists Destroy Creationism With Their Own Words

“I want to focus your attention on two assertions demonstrating how creationists view the role of scientific experimentation and data acquisition in shaping creationism.”

2. Terry Mattingly: Bible-toting Bullies With Webcams?
“Journalists need to find out if the bullying trends, right now, are linked to students who are acting on religious motives or acting on other motives.”

3. Brent D. Beal: Talking Back To A Mormon Elder: Religion Versus Reality
“…what do you do when religion tells you that the world is a certain way, but then you look out your window and discover that reality, inconveniently, belies your religious constructions?”

4. Miriam Cosic:
Religious Baby Boom Primed To Send Shock Waves Through Secular World

“Canadian author Eric Kaufmann sees demography as a time bomb for democracy.”


1. American Statesman:
Pet Blessings Are Part Of Bigger Blending Of Animals And Religion

“Since the 1990s, Hobgood-Oster, 46, has been studying the divinity in animals that humans sometimes ignore or take for granted.”

2. The Washington Post: Rabbis Replace Korans At Burned Mosque In West Bank
“In a rare act of conciliation Tuesday, a group of rabbis from Jewish settlements near the Palestinian town of Beit Fajar visited a mosque there that had been torched by arsonists and brought Korans to replace those burned in the blaze.”

3. Star-Ledger:
U.S. Supreme Court Declines Appeal Of Ban On Religious Music At N.J. Schools

“The nation’s highest court ended a case that dates back to 2004, by deciding not to hear the petition brought by Michael Stratechuk, a parent who sued over the policy that bars performance of religious songs.”


“We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.”
~ Werner von Braun


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