SBNR Daily 10-4-10: Count To 10


Influences From Jefferson, Don’t Drink The Kool Aid, Meditation Through Counting…

SBNR Daily 10-4-10: Count To 10


Conscious love begins to develop in a relationship where two people share a being-to-being communion. This is because it is love of being rather than love of personality.

From: Journey of the Heart
By John Welwood


1. Cody J. Sanders: Why Anti-Gay Bullying Is A Theological Issue
“And the moral imperative of anti-bullying preaching, teaching and activism”

2. Jim Kenney:
Why The Mosque Melee Actually Signals A New Era Of Religious Tolerance

“When a society is divided by race, gender, class, politics, or religion, the path to harmony always leads through encounter, dialogue, and engagement. “

3. Julie Ingersoll: Did We Drink the Kool-Aid In “Suicide Cult” Disappearance?
“Response to California Prayer Group reveals a poor understanding of labels and worldviews. ”


1. The New York Times: First Look Inside The Proposed Islamic Center
“An image of the façade has been in circulation since early this year, but last week the planners revealed renderings of how some interior spaces might look and how the center’s many amenities — including a restaurant, theater, day care center, gym and pool — might be stacked in a building of up to 15 stories. “

2. Los Angeles Times:
Fully Experiencing The Present: A Practice For Everyone, Religious Or Not

“‘Mindfulness, the heart of Buddhist meditation, is at the core of being able to live life as if it really matters. It has nothing to do with Buddhism. It has to do with freedom,’ says Jon Kabat-Zinn, developer of a stress reduction system.”

3. The New York Times: Faith And Politics, A Rocky Romance
“…a six-hour series titled “God in America,” will be broadcast on PBS for three nights starting Oct. 11. “God in America” takes from the example of Jefferson and Jesus a thesis: America cannot possibly be understood without understanding the role that religion has played over the centuries.”

4. NPR: Religious Polarization Is Part Of ‘American Grace’
“A new book by professors Robert Putnam and David Campbell seeks to examine some of the changes. It’s called American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.”


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
~Willie Nelson


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