SBNR Daily 10-29-10: Happy Halloween!


Saving The Dolphins, God’s Emotions, The Evils Of Halloween…

SBNR Daily 10-29-10: Happy Halloween!


Contemplative prayer is the world in which God can do anything. To move into that realm is the greatest adventure. It is to be open to the Infinite and hence to the infinite possibilities.

From: Open Mind, Open Heart
By Thomas Keating


1. John W. Morehead: Halloween, Evangelicals, And The Macabre
“It’s October and the telltale signs of Halloween are everywhere; everything from candy to breakfast cereal marketed in orange and black, doors and windows festooned with fake cobwebs and, on a slightly less positive note, evangelicals intensify their critique of all things macabre and “occultic.” “

2. Cathy Lynn Grossman: Obama Plan To Visit Mosque Flames He’s-A-Muslim Rumor
“No presidential visit to a place of worship seems to make some folks as upset as when President Obama sets foot in a mosque.”

3. Valerie Tarico: God’s Emotions: What Are Emotions Anyway? (Part 4)
“The Bible writers spoke as if God has emotions, and most Christians through history have spoken and behaved as if this were true. But to understand what that means you have to understand what emotions are. And that requires a small excursion into the history of psychology and the budding field of brain science.”


1. St. Petersburg Times: Parishioner Shocked By Electioneering From The Pulpit
“Pastors are allowed to express their political views, but not as a leader of a religious organization, she said. And they can’t make partisan comments in a church publication or at church functions, Internal Revenue Service guidelines state.”

2. The Dallas Morning News:
Priest’s Abortion Lecture At SMU Draws Dallas Bishop’s Attention

“Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas has taken issue publicly with a Southern Methodist University professor’s upcoming lecture on U.S. Catholic bishops and abortion law.”

3. Reuters: Conservation, Religion Join To Save Ganges Dolphin
“Along a northern stretch of the holy river, a Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) project is leveraging the religious importance of the Ganges for Hindus to teach villagers the virtues of conservation and protection of its sacred water.”


“Eat, drink and be scary”
~ Author Unknown

Viral Video Film School is a recurring segment on Current TV’s infoMania. On this edition Brett gives a tutorial on the Internet’s most extraordinary Halloween videos:


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