SBNR Daily 10-25-10: A Child’s Wisdom


God Or Bird Poop?, World Interfaith Harmony Week, China Looks To Yoga…

SBNR Daily 10-25-10: A Child’s Wisdom


Ultimately we are discovering that God is not a Being separate from us. The revelation is coming from within us, from the deepest and most inclusive sense that realizes that I and Thou are both manifestations of the singular Source and Substance of all reality which we may call God.

From: The Angelic Way:
Angels through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us

By Rami Shapiro


1. Tom Heneghan: Why Did The U.N. Proclaim World Interfaith Harmony Week?
“The United Nations General Assembly passes a stack of resolutions every year and many of them go all but unnoticed. One such document just approved in New York established a new World Interfaith Harmony Week.”

2. Brad Hirschfield: Google, Perspective and the Existence of God
“Like those who interpret the image from Google Street View, some of whom see God and some of whom see bird poop, when it comes to God, we tend to see what we believe, not believe what we see.”

3. Amina Wadud: Close Encounters
“Some people do speak of moments that shake their very foundations: good and bad; especially when the result of these moments is a transformation spiritually and practically. Those who believe will say something about God in this encounter.”


1. The Huffington Post: Catholic Blogs Aim To Purge Dissenters
“A new breed of theological conservatives has taken to blogs and YouTube to say the church isn’t Catholic enough.”

2. The Hindu: China Taps Yoga For ‘Spiritual Renaissance’ Amid Economic Success
“China looks to yoga to bring about “spiritual renaissance” for a calming influence on the people troubled by effects of globalisation and rapid economic change…”

3. USA Today: Calif. Church Docs Reveal Decades Of Abuse Allegations
“Attorneys for nearly 150 people who claim sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests made nearly 10,000 pages of previously sealed internal church documents public Sunday…”


“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful,
but she is beautiful because you love her”

~ Author Unknown

4 year old Sophia reminds us that Beauty Is Not How Skinny You Can Be!:


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