SBNR Daily 10-22-10: Tick Tock


Which God Blesses America?, Hospital Chapel Welcomes All, NY Public Library Religious Exhibition…

SBNR Daily 10-22-10: Tick Tock


You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

From: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
By Dr. Seuss


1. Paul Froese and Christopher Bader:
Which God Blesses America?

“…what do Americans hear when a [political] leader invokes God’s name? In short, they hear vastly different messages. And here is both the power and the danger in talking about God…”

2. Mollie Ziegler: NPR: Williams “Dangerous To A Democracy”
“Most media reports have focused on Williams’ admission that he feels worried when he sees people dressed in “Muslim garb” on flights. Most media reports have done a horrible job of conveying the rest of his comments.”

3. Lauri Lebo: Intelligent Design Trial Celebrates Fifth Year Reunion
“…this fall marks five years since the six-week trial in a Harrisburg, Pa. courtroom following which federal Judge John E. Jones struck down the teaching of intelligent design in public school science class as unconstitutional, writing that it was merely revamped creationism posing as a scientific theory.”


1. WNYC:
Three Faiths: NY Public Library Exhibition Celebrates Shared Religious Traditions

“George Fletcher, the head curator of the New York Public Library’s “Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam,” is beaming…Drawing on the traditions of three of the world’s most prominent religions—Judaism, Christianity, Islam—Fletcher says the collection uses sacred books to illustrate “how much in common exists between these three faiths.”

2. The Bay Citizen: Making Hospital Chapel Welcoming To All Faiths
“In a sign of changing times, the 1960s-era chapel is getting a decidedly modern face-lift. Work that…will transform the space to welcome all faiths, including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Wiccans, Pagans — and even those who do not believe in any god at all.”

3. Reuters: Egypt’s New Religious Fervour Breeds Ghetto Mentality
“A wave of religious fervour and a backlash by secular liberals has left some ordinary Egyptians feeling like strangers in their own country, and civil rights activists warn of a dangerous drift into sectarianism.”


“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”
~ Sam Levenson

Video-mapping show on the Astronomical Clock in Prague that celebrates the 600th anniversary of the construction of the clock.:


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