SBNR Daily 10-19-10: Human Seaweed


Evangelical Atheists, A Cosmic Christ, Sam Harris Believes In God…

SBNR Daily 10-19-10: Human Seaweed


In life, there are many paths to attaining true wisdom. Zen is one of them. Sex is another.

From: Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love
By Philip T. Sudo


1. Chris Stedman:
‘Evangelical Atheists:’ Pushing For What?

“It seems that because many vocal atheists cite “the end of faith” as their goal, atheism is often perceived as being actively anti-religious to the point of being almost evangelical.”

2. Mark Silk: Dabbling Into Anti-Christianity
“As long as a candidate’s religious identity is just something noted on a bio page–“Baptist” or “Catholic” or “Jewish”–then, sure, leave it alone. But once the candidate puts it into play on his own behalf, it’s fair game.”

3. Peter Berger: Proposing A Cosmic Christ
“‘…Panikkar defined the theme he was to develop throughout his later work—Christ as “the universal symbol of divine-human unity, the human face of God”. This cosmic Christ, under many different names, can be discovered in traditions far removed from what Hindus like to call “the religions of western Asia”—the “Abrahamic” faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.”

4. Rabbi Rami: Islam Is A Religion
“Islam is a religion. It’s true…This may not be news to you, but it is to thousands of my neighbors…”


1. Newsweek: Sam Harris Believes In God
“The neuroscientist and rationalist has made his name attacking religious faith. Who knew he was so spiritual?”

2. Los Angeles Times: Walking Away From Church
“Organized religion’s increasing identification with conservative politics is a turnoff to more and more young adults. Evangelical Protestantism has been hit hard by this development.”

3. The Irish Times: Thou Shalt Not Defect: Baptism Is Forever
“Although the church in Ireland has been accepting applications to defect…it said on Tuesday that it would no longer process them… the Dublin archdiocese set out the situation for all dioceses: “The Holy See confirmed at the end of August that it was introducing changes to canon law and as a result it will no longer be possible to formally defect from the Catholic Church.”


“Love is like seaweed; even if you have pushed it away, you will not prevent it from coming back.”
~ Nigerian Proverb

London based filmmakers Luke White and Remi Weekes give you a peek into their experimental process with Lo-Fi Video:


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