SBNR Daily 10-18-10: iPhone In Space


Spiritual Healing, The Role Of Happiness, The iPhone Takes Flight…

SBNR Daily 10-18-10: iPhone In Space


Deep in our hearts, we are all searching for a way to give and receive love, forever and for real. To open as love, to live as this freedom is our deepest calling. Each of us must find our own unique way of living true to our deep being

From: Finding God Through Sex
By David Deida


1. JoAnn Barrett: What Is Spiritual Healing?
“A spiritual healing can comfort in an indescribably profound way. One of the most popular forms of healing that is available these days is Reiki healing.”

2. Elizabeth Drescher: Chilean Mine Rescue: Largest Global Spiritual Event Ever?
“This might well be the most significant global spiritual conversation that has ever taken place on Earth.”

3. Michael Krasny: Just Say ‘I Don’t Know’
“Do the big questions really need answers? Even the most devout believer or the most dogmatic atheist would probably concede that too many of even the most elemental questions simply cannot be answered.”


1. The Huffington Post: The Role Of Happiness In The World Religions
“The Dalai Lama will explore the concept of happiness with other world religious leaders Oct. 17 at Emory University’s “Summit on Happiness: Understanding and Promoting Happiness in Today’s Society.”

2. CNN: Jewish Museum Makes Novel Decision On Whether To Close For Sabbath
“Before it could open its doors in Philadelphia next month, the new National Museum of American Jewish History had to resolve a classic Jewish American predicament: how to treat Saturdays, the Jewish Sabbath.”

3. Yahoo News/AP: Pope Canonizes First Australian Saint, 5 Others
“Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed Australia’s first saint on Sunday, canonizing a 19th-century nun and also declaring five other saints in an open-air Mass attended by tens of thousands.”


“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
~ Jamie Paolinetti

Cool dad of the year award goes to Luke Geissbuhler who launched an iPhone 19 miles into space and captured it all on video:


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