SBNR Daily 10-15-10: Clever Little Penguin


Belief In Bigfoot And The Bible, Does God Have Emotions?, A Penguin’s Great Escape…

SBNR Daily 10-15-10: Clever Little Penguin


What they didn’t know was that my verbal abilities were like a circus trick. Professional proselytizers were raising me: sweet, sincere-but preoccupied-proselytizers.

From: Crazy For God
By Francis Schaeffer


1. Steve Frazee: The Right Way Of Thinking
“We received an email today from a pastor in Texas asking about our statement: “The staff at believes that all religions and philosophies contain some truth, but that no one religion or philosophy contains all truth.”

2. Valerie Tarico: Psychology Of God: Do Christians Believe God Has Emotions?
“Most religions posit the existence not just of a supernatural realm, but of supernatural persons, with loyalties, preferences and other human psychological qualities including emotions.”

3. John Blake: Can You Believe In Bigfoot And The Bible?
“UFOs and the Bible – how do you believe in both? That’s one of the questions that aroused the curiosity of three sociologists who wanted to examine the religious values of believers in the paranormal.”


1. Associated Baptist Press:
Rise Of Hispanic Evangelicals Influencing Immigration Debate

“The immigration debate has drawn Latinos into the public square more fully than ever before — and Hispanic Protestants in particular…”

2. The Boston Globe/AP: German University Starts Training Imams
“…a pilot program at the University of Osnabrueck that started this week to train imams — not only in the German language but also to steer them to preach about Islam in a way consistent with Germany’s democratic values and religious tolerance.”

3. The Florida Times Union: First Coast Churches Stepping Up In Gay Rights Movement
“…churches that minister to homosexuals are becoming an increasingly powerful voice for gay rights.”


“It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.”
~Joe Moore


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