SBNR Daily 10-14-10: Come Sail Away


The Historical Jesus, Drinking The Muslim Soup, Religion in Environmental Awareness…

SBNR Daily 10-14-10: Come Sail Away


The beginning of America’s downfall, many conservative maintain, can be pinpointed rather specifically. According to David Barton, an influential fundamentalist Christian and vice chair of the Texas Republican Party, that day was June 25, 1962. It was then, he declared, that the ‘U.S. Supreme Court kicked God out of the public schools’ in the Engel v. Vitale decision.

From: The Battle over School Prayer:
How Engle V. Vitale Changed America

By Bruce J. Dierenfield


1. Peter Laarman: Does The Historical Jesus Matter?
“…what difference [does it make] when the Jesus of history turns out to be considerably more interesting than the myth-encrusted Christ created by the church over the centuries. Or does it make any difference at all?”

2. Hussein Rashid: I Ate A Bowl Of Soup, And Now I’m Muslim
” According to [Robert Spencer], the fact that Campbell’s Soup Canada is introducing a series of halal soups is a sign that Muslims are taking over the U.S. and imposing shari’ah to make everyone Muslim.”

3. Rabbi Rami: The Grand Design
“What Dr. Hawking and his opponents have in common is the notion that God, whatever God may be, is something outside the process of creation.”


1. NPR: Beijing Blocks Travelers To Christian Conference
“A massive global evangelical gathering known as the Lausanne Congress will begin Oct. 16 in Cape Town, South Africa. But it looks likely to take place without the participation of more than 230 Chinese delegates.”

2. The Baltimore Sun:
Congregations Use Religion To Emphasize Environmental Awareness

“For St. James Episcopal Church, environmental activism is a religion.”

3. The New York Times: Rabbi Breaks With Paladino Over Apology
“The alliance between the Republican Carl P. Paladino and an Orthodox rabbi from Brooklyn has fallen apart, with the rabbi denouncing Mr. Paladino on Wednesday for his apology over remarks he had made about homosexuality on Sunday.”


“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.”
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