SBNR Daily 10-12-10: Cupful Of Rabbit


Pope Denounces Terror, What Is Yoga?, Double Shot Of Cuteness…

SBNR Daily 10-12-10: Cupful Of Rabbit


If the United States is both secular and religious, it is also both Christian and pluralistic. Christianity dominates, but this nation of immigrants is also “a nation of religions.”

From: Religious Literacy:
What Every American Needs To Know

By Stephen Prothero


1. Paul Wallace: The Atheist Encounter With Christianity: A Failure To Disbelieve?
“Skepticism means, among other things, having the courage to suspend one’s set of beliefs long enough to take another set of beliefs really seriously. That is, real skepticism means disbelieving.”

2. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite: Religion’s Dis-ease With The Body And Sexuality
“Religious organizations and people frequently lead opposition to gay rights in the United States…Why does religion play such a central role in debates about homosexuality?”

3. Laura Brody: Yoga—What Is It, Exactly?
“In the name of clarity, here is an attempt to answer what yoga is—and what it isn’t.”


1. The New York Times: Agendas Of Paladino And Rabbi Meld
“Mr. Paladino [a Roman Catholic]…hoped to find like-minded voters among the politically and socially conservative Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn. And [Rabbi] Levin…was eager to help, in part by lining up appearances for Mr. Paladino at synagogues and yeshivas. ”

2. USA Today: Pope Denounces Terror In God’s Name
” Pope Benedict XVI denounced “terrorist ideologies” that spur violence in God’s name as he opened a meeting Monday of bishops from around the Middle East.”

3. Times Live/AP: Malawian Atheists Fight For ‘Witches’
“An atheist group in Malawi says it will ask the president to release dozens of women jailed on allegations of practicing witchcraft.”


“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
~John Steinbeck


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