SBNR Daily 10-11-10: Sand Painting


Including Atheists, Stand-Up Comedy In The Pulpit, A Story Through Sand…

SBNR Daily 10-11-10: Sand Painting


Those who see themselves as “spiritual, but not religious” reject traditional organized religion as the sole-or even the most valuable-means of furthering their spiritual growth. Many have had negative experiences with churches or church leaders. For example, they may have perceived church leaders as more concerned with building an organization than promoting spirituality, as hypocritical, or as narrow-minded. Some may have experienced various forms of emotional or even sexual abuse.

From: Spiritual But Not Religious: Understanding Unchurched America
By Robert C. Fuller


1. Charles J. Stephens: Religious Freedom For All
“Religious freedom in our country has often faced the hostile opposition from those who think their religion is better than others’. The outcry against the rights of our Muslim brothers and sisters is the latest in this shameful pattern.”

2. Alison Rose Levy: Where Do Spirituality And Activism Meet?
“Can long-sought wisdom, once found, also limit? Do our questions about ultimate realities lead us into mystery only to colonize it with our names or our beliefs? Perhaps religion has inspired so much distrust, conflict and war because ultimately, every coat covering infinitude must be shed.”

3. Chris Stedman: Interfaith Dialogue Must Include Atheists
“Atheists’ identities are regularly belittled or dismissed; we often hear that there are “no atheists in the foxhole,” that “atheists are parasites,” and the reality remains that we still aren’t eligible to hold public office in several parts of this country.”


1. NPR: Cubans Flock To Evangelism To Fill Spiritual Vacuum
“[Cuba] has undergone a spiritual revival since the communist government eased religious persecutions in the 1980s. But the fastest-growing practice today may be one that arrived decades ago with American missionaries.”

2. The New York Times: Finding The Funny Amid The Sacred And The Professed
Humor in Ministry, was a kind of seminar in how to do stand-up for God…“Being a comedian and being a minister are basically about the same thing, which is making people feel less alone,” Ms. Sparks said.”

3. USA Today: Mormon Leader’s Speech On Gays Modified On Website
“A senior Mormon church leader has modified portions of his general conference speech for the church’s online publication after it prompted outcry from gay rights activists.”

4. USA Today: Ban On Muslim Face Veils Backed By France’s constitutional watchdog
“France’s constitutional watchdog on Thursday endorsed a divisive law forbidding face-covering Islamic veils anywhere in public, but expressed concern about applying it in places of worship such as a mosque.”


“A picture is a poem without words.”


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