SBNR Daily 10-1-10: Waterfall Relaxation


“Glee” Hits Spiritual Notes, Religious Influences On Politics, Meditation Soothes…

SBNR Daily 10-1-10: Waterfall Relaxation


Old ways of thinking exert incredible force on our awareness, distorting reality as it’s actually unfolding in the moment. Human beings learn by association and repetition and find it difficult to drain the charge out of old beliefs and habitual patterns of reaction that have a lifetime of voltage in them.

From: Minding The Body, Mending The Mind
By Dr. Joan Borysenko


1. Dennis Hunter: Spiritual But Not Religious – Part II, The True Heart Of Religion
“Is it possible to find meaning through religion and still harbor questions? How can we follow a spiritual path without blindly accepting someone else’s answers?”

2. John H. Evans: An Empirical Perspective On Religious And Secular Reasons
“One of the premises of this entire debate is that religious people want to use religious reasons in public debates.”

3. Marc Malkin: Hallelujah? Glee Has A Spiritual Awakening
“No doubt many of us believe that Glee is a gift from God. And now, our favorite musical high school television series really is gettin’ some religion…”


1. Bloomberg Businessweek: Meditation Soothes MS Patients
“A new Swiss study reports that a form of meditation known as mindfulness could help patients with multiple sclerosis, who often suffer from depression and anxiety.”

2. USA Today: Pastors Defy Prohibition On Politicking
“Nearly 100 pastors across the USA stood up at their pulpits last Sunday and did what federal law says they can’t — tell their congregations how to vote.”

3. The New York Times: British Police Offer Apology To Muslims For Spy Cameras
“The British police on Thursday apologized for a counterterrorism program that featured surveillance cameras that were installed in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods.”

4. The New York Times: Son Of Dead Sea Scrolls Expert Is Convicted
“The son of a prominent professor at the University of Chicago was convicted on Thursday of impersonating a New York University professor and other scholars who disagreed with his father’s theories on the origin of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”


“There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub.”
~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


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